childcare subsidy - useful info

WINZ childcare subsidy

As an Approved Provider for Childcare, we are able to offer the WINZ Childcare Subsidy to qualifying families.

Depending on your household weekly income and number of children, you may qualify for a Childcare Subsidy from WINZ. This subsidy is paid towards your Childcare Fees at the Centre.

If you are eligible, your Childcare Subsidy is paid direct to Fernside Preschool by WINZ on a weekly basis.

The level of subsidy is dependent on several factors - to see the current subsidy rates you may be eligible for, please click here. These rates are expressed as the amount you may be eligible for, per hour, towards Childcare Fees at the Centre.

As we offer 20 Hours Free ECE as part of our programme, any subsidy applied for must be for the hours not covered by this scheme (ie you cannot claim WINZ subsidy and 20 Hours ECE for the same booking), but the WINZ subsidy can be applied to hours or sessions not covered by the 20 Hours Scheme.

Further information around the Childcare Subsidy can be found here at the WINZ website, or please feel free to discuss this with our Office Staff should you have any queries

Applications for this subsidy are completed online, via the website, or you can contact them via phone on 0800 559 009



WINZ Service Centre

The local WINZ Processing Centre for our area is the Rangiora Service Centre, located at 4 High Street, Rangiora